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woman scouting for pests in a greenhouse

Integrated Pest Control
We offer a full assortment of pest control products and biologicals, as well as technical support and IPM scouting services.

bag of progro water soluble fertilizer in a greenhouse

Crop Fertility
Our ProGro™ Water Soluble NPK plus, control released, micros fertilizers are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials.

The Valent Line
The Valent Line offers your crop the right support during crop rotation, ensuring better growth, less damage, and optimal guidance.

greenhouse roof painted white

Shading Agents
A suitable solution for every crop to make optimum use of the sun. Find the shading agent or diffuse coating that suits your crop.




It is based on five pillars: Crop rotation, People, Materials, Water quality and Responsibility & Sustainability.

close up of a sticky card being held in front of flowers

Sticky Traps & Rolls
Sticky traps are an easy-to-use tool for catching flying insects and monitoring pest levels in your greenhouse. 

menno clean jug in front of a foam covered greenhouse

Menno Clean
A powerful agent, specially developed for horticulture that contains no quaternary ammonium compounds.


Huwa-San TR-50
Huwa-San cleans the entire water system, including drip hoses, silos, and other parts of the water system. 



Mushroom Supplies
Our assortment includes spawn supplement, mushroom nets, biologicals, hygiene and sanitation, as well as technical support.


Hygiene Assortment 
Greenhouse disinfection prevents unwanted diseases. But diseases can also enter on people, machines, and tools.

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