Utilize the energy of light with the Top Cleaner

Enhanced light transmission through eco-conscious cleaning methods 


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Brighten up for better growth

Canadian growers sometimes experience issues maximizing natural light in their greenhouse during darker seasons. The Top Cleaner is the solution to this challenge. Our premium cleaner effortlessly removes dirt from exterior glass and gutters using only water, guaranteeing your crops receives optimal light for superior plant growth. The greenhouse roof cleaner’s short payback period, increased production and the possible application of shading agents makes it a solution you cannot afford to miss. Benefit from better light transmission, boost your yield and be sustainable at the same time with the Top Cleaner.  


  Time saving
  Free of chemicals utilizes water only
  Enhances light transmission for increased production     
  Reduces labour costs by automated production

Top Cleaner: Installation and how to use

At Finka San Antonio, Mexico

Wondering about the installation and operation of the Top Cleaner? Get insights from Ben Sosef, the branch manager in Mexico, as he demonstrates the setup and usage of this roof washer at Finka San Antonio!  



Dual purpose of the Top Cleaner

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Thanks to its short payback period, greenhouses illuminate with increased brightness and enhancing production. Meanwhile, the robust film serves a dual purpose, providing both shade and protection. 



"We often have to wash and chalk the deck over and over. This is quite labour-intensive and takes a lot of time." 

- Stephan de Bock, Managing Director Rijk Zwaan, Mexico - 

Back in 2010, Rijk Zwaan, a vegetable breeding company, launched a new seed cultivation facility in San Jose Iturbide, Mexico. Spanning 3.5 hectares, the modern glass greenhouse of Rijk Zwaan ProMex specializes in producing high-quality tomato, pepper, and cucumber seeds. Maximizing available light transmission is very important, which led Stephan de Bock, Managing Director at Rijk Zwaan ProMex, to invest in the Top Cleaner. 


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