Sanitation Disinfection

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Maintaining a clean and pathogen-free environment to ensure the health and safety of crops is crucial for professional growers. To achieve this goal and prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms, pests and diseases, it is important to choose the right sanitizers and disinfectants.


Horticultural Disinfectants

Horticultural sanitizers and disinfectants play a key role in controlling disease, bacteria and pests, preventing potential crop damage. Some of the high quality products we offer are
Fadex Rapid: an effective hand cleanser for quick 'dry' hand cleaning without water or perfume.
Huwa-San: a powerful hydrogen peroxide cleaning product for cleaning drip hoses, silos and other parts of the water system.
Menno Clean: a plant-friendly product for disinfecting horticultural equipment such as knives, pots, containers and machinery. 


Different types of greenhouse disinfectants 

Royal Brinkman Canada offers a variety of horticultural disinfectants and cleaners, including foam and non-foam options. Foam disinfectants, known for their increased effectiveness, are specifically designed for glass greenhouses. Our exclusive disinfectant, Menno Clean, is characterized by its effectiveness against all bacteria, fungi and viruses. Because a cleaning product alone is not enough against diseases and fungi, we recommend using special horticultural disinfectants for complete protection. If you need advice on choosing the right sanitizer for your greenhouse, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


Greenhouse Sanitation Products

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential for successful crop protection in greenhouses. Royal Brinkman Canada's extensive range of greenhouse sanitation products is designed to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection. The precisely formulated products target harmful microorganisms while keeping the safety of plants, workers and the environment in mind. Our premium greenhouse sanitizers and disinfectants are designed to meet your specific needs, whether you need to sanitize tools, irrigation systems or other areas. And will contribute to the overall success of your growing environment.

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