Royal Brinkman Canada is a solution provider and specialist in fertility, crop protection, hygiene, and crop rotation. Along with products, we supply knowledge and application techniques to the Canadian horticultural sector.



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Shading agents
A suitable solution for every crop to make optimum use of the sun. Find the shading agent or diffuse coating that suits your crop.

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Crop Fertility
Our ProGro™ Water Soluble NPK plus, control released, micros fertilizers are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials.

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Valent Clips
Support your vulnerable plants after crop rotation with the Valent Clips. The clip is available in three sizes: 15mm, 23mm, and 26mm.

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Biological Pest Control

We offer a full line of quality biological agents for all key insect pests. Use our chart to help determine which biologicals can help control pests of concern. 

Our Agronomy team can assist in providing the best plant protection products and control strategies to integrate with your IPM program. 


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Horticulture supplier for professional growers

Royal Brinkman Canada supports professional growers in Canada and North America by delivering high-quality horticulture supllies and innovative solutions. As a horticultural supplier, we offer a full range of products for greenhouse fruit and vegetable production such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and more. In addition, we provide products and solutions for greenhouse and nursery ornamental crops as well as commercial mushroom farms. Our specialized horticultural knowledge, experience, services, and product offering enable us to develop programs and solutions specific to the needs of Canadian growers for optimal yield and crop quality.

Commercial greenhouse supplies with local availability in Canada

For commercial greenhouse growers in Canada, having access to quality supplies is fundamental for successful cultivation. Local availability of the right equipment, tools, and materials can significantly impact crop health and quality. From disease, insect and mite control to fertilizers, growth regulators, mechanical equipment, a hygiene assortment and disinfectants, having a reliable source for greenhouse supplies is crucial. With a focus on quality and competitive pricing, we provide the supplies and technical support that will contribute to the success of your commercial greenhouse operation in Canada. Our service offering includes agronomic support, IPM scouting, hygiene management and testing and sampling for the best pest control and fertility strategies specific needs of your crop.  Whether you seek expert advice, quality products or innovative solutions, Royal Brinkman Canada is your dedicated partner for your growing success.


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