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Lakeshore Veggie Growers

"Especially in the packaging hall, we've benefitted greatly from the custom-built Transport Trolleys."

Jay Colasanti, Lakeshore Veggie Growers

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“Our pipe rail trolleys, and Transport Trolleys were in need of replacement. We had company specific requirements for the Transport Trolleys. Moreover, we were looking for high quality and durable machines. There are about five prominent brands when it comes to internal transport. Berg Hortimotive is known for their strong durable machines. We contacted our account manager at Royal Brinkman concerning their BeNomic Pipe Rail Trolleys and to discuss our wishes for the BeMatic Transport Trolleys. We’re very satisfied with the process and the machines. Royal Brinkman meets our needs, and we are looking forward to doing business with them in the future,” says Jay Colasanti, co-owner of Lakeshore Veggie Growers in Leamington, Ontario.

“Our family has been in the heirloom tomato business for a little over 15 years. Because we have so many different specialties, we don’t have large numbers of the same product. Along with hygienic reasons, we need to keep the heirlooms independent when they enter the packing hall. We asked Royal Brinkman for a custom-build Transport Trolley that would meet our needs and give us more capacity for different sizes of boxes when harvesting. They thought along with us so that we can now work better and more efficiently. Especially in the packing hall, we have benefited a lot from the custom-made Transport Trolleys because the separation of the different heirlooms in boxes can easily be done when harvesting on the Transport Trolley.”

“Royal Brinkman meets our needs, and we’re looking forward to doing business with them in the future.” Jay Colasanti, Lakeshore Veggie Growers


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Custom made BeMotion Transport Trolleys

Arie Alblas, specialist at Royal Brinkman, explains that internal transport is an important aspect for a big greenhouse like Lakeshore Veggie Growers. “The transport of the harvested product to the packaging area is of crucial importance. It is essential that this business process is organized properly and efficiently. The faster the product goes from A to B, the better this is for the quality of the product. Moreover, this lays the foundation for a higher return on the business.” “Lakeshore Veggie needed a custom-made Transport Trolley for their different sizes of heirloom tomato boxes. We sat down with Jay Colasanti to discuss their wishes. For them, the width of the roller conveyor was important. They wanted a platform under the roller conveyor for the boxes of a second kind and they did not want a rack on top because of hygiene reasons. The result is that there are now 30 custom-made Transport Trolleys driving at Lakeshore Veggie Growers.”

“The result is that there are now 30 custom-made Transport Trolleys driving at Lakeshore Veggie Growers” Arie Alblas, Royal Brinkman


Arie Alblas, Jay Colasanti, Johnny Klassen


Heirloom tomato boxes

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BeMatic Meto SWT

Spraying machines are essential for the protection of your crop against diseases and pests, which prevent damage to the crop. That’s why, along with the pipe rail trolley and the Transport Trolley, Lakeshore Veggie Growers also works with the BeMatic Meto SWT.

With the BeMatic Meto SWT, it’s possible to spray every spot of the crop. With the built-in tank and pump, there are no loose hoses running over the concrete path, which keeps the way clear for other internal transport in the greenhouse. And the large spray radius ensures ease of use and efficiency.


Bematic meto SWT customer story lakeshore canada


Johnny Klassen, general manager at Lakeshore Veggie Growers, says he’s very pleased with the spraying robot. “The automation is fantastic. With the BeMatic Meto SWT, we get much more consistent coverage of the crop in less time. Plus, because of the on-board tank, I don’t have to worry about loose hoses on the walkways. This allows me to be productive in the same area I’m spraying. In short, the machine is compact and efficient. It’s a great piece of machinery and I love it.”

“The BeMatic Meto SWT is a great piece of machine” Johnny Klassen, Lakeshore Veggie Growers


BeMatic Meto SWT

BeMatic Meto SWT with built-in tank

BeMatic Meto SWT



The BeNomic pipe rail trolley, the BeMotion Transport Trolleys and the BeMatic Meto SWT having greatly improving internal transportation and crop protection at Lakeshore Veggie Growers. Jay Colasanti: “We are very pleased about the cooperation with Royal Brinkman and the machines from Berg Hortimotive. We see that the speed of harvesting and the time we spend on crop protection has improved. The cooperation with Royal Brinkman has always been first class. It has always been professional and we are very happy with all the responses, whether it was for sale or service or just getting to know more about new products out there. I will do more business with Royal Brinkman simply because of the people they have on board and how they represent themselves in the industry. It’s a go to company for this business.”

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