Support your crop with the Valent line

Better growth, less damage and optimal guidance

Crop rotation is a busy time. The Valent line offers your crop the right support during crop rotation. These products ensure better growth, less damage, and optimal guidance.


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Valent Hooks

Valent Clips

Valent clips


Valent Twine


Valent Hooks

Ensure efficiency during crop rotation by using quick and easy to hang cucumber and tomato hooks. With flexibility in hook size, twine length, twine strength, and different colour combinations, there is always a hook that fit your needs. Our assortment is not only used for tomato cultivation but is equally suited for cucumber, pepper, and eggplant cultivation.

Benefits of using Valent Hooks

 Quick and easy to use

 Available in different colours in one box

 The length of the free fall is customizable






Valent Hooks Canada


Valent Clips



The Valent Clip is specially developed by Royal Brinkman. It’s easy to use and reduces the risk of damage to the plant. The clip is designed for optimal guidance that does not hinder growth or cause damage. The clip has a unique design, is made of less material, but still provides the right support for your crop.

Benefits of using Valent Clips

 Prevent botrytis with the air holes

 Clearly audible when the clip is closed

 Strong hinge & improved twine grippers when clip is closed


Valent Clips are available in Valent Cucumber Clips (15mm), Valent Tomato Clips (23mm), and Valent Pepper Clip (26mm)



Valent Twine

Valent Twine provides the right amount of support during cultivation, and because of its synthetic fibres, you’re assured a minimal risk of any twine breakage. The twine distinguishes itself through its strength and flexibility, and is also available in different colours. Valent Twine is made for various crops including tomato, cucumber, eggplant, and bell pepper crops.

Benefits of using Valent Twine

 Doesn't absorb moisture

 UV treated, standard for 12 months

 Made of high quality synthetic fiber polypropylene






Do you want to learn how the Valent line can help you to save on labour costs? Download our brochure and find out.

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"A perfect rating" - Hank Neufeld

"In 2021, we were approached by Royal Brinkman to test their Valent Clips. We found that our clippers could go through the rows faster. Because of hygiene, our clippers must wear gloves. However, they often have to change gloves because a clip tears their glove open. The Valent Clips are smooth and have no sharp edges, thereby they do not tear the glove.


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