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Hygiene in greenhouse horticulture is more important than ever. Although disinfecting the greenhouse prevents unwanted diseases and pests, it's important to take into account possible diseases that might enter on people, machines, and tools. Adding an additional line of defence of Hygiene measures, that focus on reducing diseases brought in through these means, is essential to reducing risk.


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Hand Disinfection Unit

The Hand Disinfection Unit is an automatic dispenser that sprays disinfectant or soap product onto the hands. After disinfection, the turnstile is released and the person can walk through to the washbasins or the production area.

Advantages of the hand disinfection unit:

Yellow Check Easy to maintain
Yellow Check Full stainless steel turnstile
Yellow Check Available in left or right version
Yellow Check Integrated signal lights (red and green)
Yellow Check Robust construction and elegant finish

Hand Disinfection



Hygienic Station

Hands are disinfected in the special hand openings upon entry to the production area. Shoe soles are cleaned by rotating durable brushes. The access block permits entry after users have correctly followed the cleaning procedure and disinfected their hands for a long enough period.

Advantages of the Hygienic station:

Yellow Check  Durable brushes, low maintenance 
Yellow Check  Meets highest quality requirements of food industry
Yellow Check  Disinfectants not visible and inaccessible for unauthorised persons
Yellow Check  100% joint-free for optimal hygiene, where no bacteria can develop



Hygienic station



Flexxomat disinfection mats

The Flexxomat is one preventive hygiene solution for passenger transport in the food industry, horticulture, agriculture, and laboratories. A Flexxomat helps to keep viruses and bacteria out and is an important part of overall company hygiene.

Advantages of the Flexxomat:

Yellow Check  Saves on labour costs 
Yellow Check  Can be filled manually 
Yellow Check  Available in different sizes
Yellow Check  Suitable for all types of internal transport
Yellow Check  With the Flexxomat you no longer have dry mats






"Hygiene helps keep our facility safe" Lucas Semple

Under Sun Acres is a 48-acre bell pepper production facility that has about 65 employees rotating throughout the season. Hygiene is extremely important to the functionality of the business.

“Others in the area who use Royal Brinkman equipment recommended Royal Brinkman to us. We also talked to other companies, but Royal Brinkman was very good at providing a solution from start to finish.” The HortiHygienz department’s hygiene specialists advised and designed a complete and customized hygiene street, based on the risk analysis and wishes of Under Sun Acres.

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