Plantacote Pluss 16M 14-8-14 - 25 kg

SKU #: 3000009

Coated NPK fertilizer with magnesium and micronutrients with a release time of approx. 16 months

Technical Info

Plantacote Pluss 16M is a coated controlled release fertilizer which, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, contains magnesium and trace elements in every granule. This ensures an even supply with major nutrients and trace elements over a period of approx. 16 months.

The high iron content is crucial to good performance. Iron is essential for the formation of chlorophyll and is therefore vital for good foliage colour and healthy growth. To ensure high availability, 50% of the iron in is chelated as Fe-EDTA. The nutrients of Plantacote Pluss 16 are released by a natural membrane process which is controlled by soil temperature.

Declared release times refer to an average soil temperature of 21 °C Higher temperatures accelerate the nutrient release, lower temperatures slow it down. The release time is unaffected by substrate type, pH, micro-organisms, or level of irrigation. Plantacote Pluss 16 starts to release after 2 - 3 weeks. Due to this specific mechanism the product is very safe to crops; there is no risk of salt stress, even after storage of premixed growing media for up to 2 - 3 weeks. Release of nutrients is attuned to the physiological requirements of the crop. Thus, release of nitrogen is most pronounced during crop establishment and release of potassium is more pronounced during the later stages.


  • >> Each granule contains all essential nutrients
  • >> Complete nutrient supply throughout the growing season
  • >> No trace element supplements are necessary
  • >> Iron: high content, high availability
  • >> Labour saving
  • >> nutrient supply adjusted to plants' requirements:  extra nitrogen in early growth, extra potassium in later growth


For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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