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Enhance the resiliency of your crop by using the right fertilizers. Discover the competitive pricing, locally available fertilizers, and premium customer support of Royal Brinkman Canada.


Strong and resilient crops

Fertilizers play a crucial role in the cultivation of strong and resilient crops. These essential nutrients provide plants with the building blocks they need for robust growth and development. By supplying plants with the necessary elements, fertilizers enhance root development, improve nutrient uptake, and boost overall plant health. With the right fertility program, you can enhance the resiliency of your crop.




How do you benefit?

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High-quality fertilizers

We know the importance of high-quality fertilizers when it comes to achieving exceptional crop performance. Our producers test every batch of fertilizers to guarantee quality. Only batches that pass tesing will reach your facility. We also test the fertilizers at independent laboratories in order to meet the highest quality criteria.


Your account manager, Berry Blom, knows fertilizers

Our mission is to help growers in Canada and all over the world. Our global network means you have access to fertilizers with the most competitive pricing, and to the best agronomic support available. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to meet your specific needs.


Fertility programs tailored to your specific crop needs

Growers often encounter challenges when it comes to managing their fertilizer stock effectively. Insufficient stock can lead to delays in crop fertilization and suboptimal yield, potentially affecting overall profitability. Our bulk ordering process is the perfect solution. We can help you optimize your stock levels and ensuring a steady supply of high quality fertilizers from reputable suppliers, tailored to your specific needs. 

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Refine your fertilizers

When applying your fertilizers, the quality of your irrigation water is critical. Discover new, innovative approaches to enhanced water quality in greenhouses.

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Webinar how to boost your water quality

Discover how to boost your water quality

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