Q4 White - 20 kg

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Q4 White is an extremely weather-resistant, flexible shading agent.

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Q4 White Shade Paint

Q4 white is specifically designed for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate, and acrylic surfaces. Even when used at low shading percentages, Q4 White maintains effective wear resistance. It can be easily removed using Removit. Q4 White is the best choice for maximum weatherproofing among screen products. Q4 White is a patented innovation, distinguishing it in the market.

User experiences show minimal wear off on the apex of the roof with the use of Q4 White. It crucial to shade the top of the greenhouse during the sunniest periods of the season. The apex of the greenhouse roof is also most vulnerable to rain, hail and wind. Q4 White is made to last against the elements.

Q4 White is formulated without any components that pose harm to the environment, making it an eco-friendly choice.


Advantages Q4 White

Some of the major advantages of Q4 White are:

> Strongest shading agent: Q4 White stands out as the most effective shading agent available.
> Highly weather-proof: It's proven to last against adverse weather conditions.
> Adjustable shading percentage: Users can fine-tune the shading percentage to suit their specific requirements.
> Minimal ridge wear: Q4 White's usage is associated with minimal wear and tear on the ridge, enhancing its longevity.


Usage Q4 White

To determine the amount needed, refer to the table detailing shading percentages. Add the shading agent to clean water while stirring consistently. The amount of spraying liquid required depends on the application method. For mechanical application, it typically ranges from 1,200 to 1,400 litres per hectare, while manual application is usually 1,500 to 1,700 liters per hectare.


Important notes

> Avoid mixing Q4 White with other shading agents to prevent unwated results.
> Exercise caution to prevent product runoff into basins during application or removal.
> Ensure proper storage in frost-free conditions to preserve its quality and integrity.


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