Removit - 20 L

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Removit is the universal remover for all 'Q-' (Q4 White and Q3 White) and 'D-products' (D-Fuse and D-Gree). After applying Removit you can choose to rinse the screen layer of the greenhouse cover with water or let it rain down.

>> Universal remover for all 'Q' and 'D-products'
>> Removal by spraying or raining
>> Safe for use and non-ADR classified product

A solution of 250 litres of Removit with 1750 litres of water is enough to remove one hectare of screen material from each greenhouse cover (glass, polycarbonate, foil, acrylic). Add Removit to clean water while stirring. Depending on the thickness and age of the screen layer, you can adjust the concentration.

Instructions for use
Spray the Removit solution on a dry screen layer, making sure that the layer is fully moistened. Give the solution time to break down the screen layer (at least 30 minutes) before manually spraying with water or before rain falls. Use the Removit solution within 6 hours of preparation.

If rain is chosen, a few showers in the following weeks will be sufficient to completely clean the greenhouse cover. If there is no rain or insufficient rain for a prolonged period of time, manual removal by spraying with water is recommended to prevent possible re-treatment with Removit.

Once the Removit solution has broken down the screen layer and dried, you can start spraying the screen layer with plenty of water via a deck washer or high-pressure sprayer.

Environment and storage
Removit complies with the discharge decree. Important: In order to prevent a change in the pH value of the water, it is recommended to close the water basin during the application and removal of screen products. Removit is only suitable for the removal of 'Q' and 'D-products'. Removit should be stored frost-free and can be kept for approximately 12 months in dry, closed packaging.

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