Valent Clip 26 terracotta (7,000/cs)

SKU #: 9000501

The Valent Pepper Clip is 26 mm and mostly used in the cultivation of peppers. The cleverly created air holes mean less chance on botrytis. The clips provide perfect stem guidance for growing peppers.

Features and Benefits:

  •  The Valent Clip is an optimized with a smart solid design and smooth, rounded edges
  •  The design means less waste and a more environmental friendly clip
  •  The smooth edges won't damage the fruit and the crop
  •  Through cleverly created air holes mean less chance of Botrytis
  •  A reclosable opening makes it easy to move, so a new clip isn't needed, for an environmentally friendly approach
  •  With its large and strong twine grippers, the clip can handle high plant loads with less chance of twine sliding
  •  Valent Clips are made from 100% high-quality recycled material

Discover more about the Valent Clips on this page.



Selecting the right clips for preventing damage

Tomato plant clips play an important role in providing proper support for your tomato plants throughout the growing season. In the early stages of a new crop, clips protect young tomato plants that are fragile and prone to breakage. As the plants mature, the accelerated growth makes it difficult for the plant to support the extra weight, often resulting in damage. Our clips provide plants with additional hold. Our team of specialists is here to help you find the right clips to give your plants the support they need.


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