O-Hook 220mm - 22+4m - 1/1500 white (288/cs)

SKU #: 9000386

Advantages at a glance

✔️ Self determined free fall
✔️ Free fall is accurate to five cm
✔️ Free fall is without plastic band
✔️ Free fall is taken out with one hand movement
✔️ Available in combinations of four 
✔️ 3,3 mm available at additional cost

The Valent O-Hook also has two storages of twine with a self-determined accurate free fall. In the case of the Valent O-hook, however, the free fall is not tied up with an elastic band, but this storage is inserted through the storages as an O-winding. When hanging this hook, the free fall is taken out in a easy hand movement, after which the twine falls down. Again, the free fall is accurate to five cm.


Navigating tomato hook choices

Tomato hooks play an important role in greenhouse crop rotation. In various vegetable crops, these hooks are important for lifting the crop to an optimum working height and for securing young plants. Tomato hooks are available in a variety of sizes and are compatible with different twine options. Our experts can help you choose the right tomato hooks paired with the right twine to meet your growing needs. Read the step-by-step article on selecting the right tomato hooks for your crop.



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