Apheline (Aphelinus abdominalis) PFP020402-001 250/ 30ml

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Apheline contains the parasitoid Aphelinus abdominalis. This tiny wasp will sting and parasitise young stages of aphids such as Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Aulacorthum solani. Aphelinus abdominalis adults also feed on younger aphid instars contributing to overall control. This species should be used in preventative IPM programs against a wide range of aphids. It is a relatively long lived species so it is a good complement to releases of Aphiline and/or Erviline because it helps to give longer term control.

Key Features
>> High reproduction rate: 250 offspring per female in 3 weeks.
>> Strong Efficacy: Stings 2nd and 3rd instar aphids.
>> Host feeds on 1st and 2nd instar larvae.
>> Excellent on Macrosiphum euphorbiae.
>> Longer lived species that stays on the crop.
>> Ventilated cap & sugar-water feeder ring ensures adult survival in vial.

Main uses
>> Aphids

How It Works
>> The female wasp lays an egg within the aphid. The egg hatches within 2-3 days and the wasp larvae feeds on the aphid leaving a parasitized mummy on the plant. For preventive control, releases should be made weekly during the period when aphids are most likely to be found in the crop (usually in the spring or early summer). Apheline is often used in combination with other products, for example Aphiline or Erviline. Alternatively, Apheline is available as part the of Aphiline Veg, Aphiline Strawberry, Aphiline Berry & Aphiline Flower.

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