Starskii Stick (Amblyseius) PFP020205-026 500x125 mites/sac

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Starskii biological control agent contains the predatory mite, Amblyseius swirskii. It is primarily used to control whiteflies and thrips but it will provide some reduction in other small pest species.

Key Features
>> Amblyseius swirskii breed extremely quickly under warm, humid conditions. They will also survive in cooler night temperatures and through winter months in semi-protected crops.
>> Actively feeds on thrips larvae (larva stage 1 or L1).
>> Actively feeds on whitefly eggs and can feed on young whitefly larva (L1).
>> In the absence of prey, it can feed on pollen, allowing it to survive longer in the crop.
Main uses
>> Western Flower thrips
>> Chili thrips
>> Onion thrips
>> Greenhouse whitefly
>> Silverleaf/Potato whitefly

How It Works
>> Ideal for use on protected crops in warm conditions, such as peppers, cucumbers, gerbera and eggplant. It can be used on non-protected crops, provided that average daytime temperatures exceed 68°F/20°C.
>> Establishment will be fastest on crops with ample pollen, such as pepper crops, as the pollen provides an alternative, high quality food source for the mites. Crops without pollen will have slower establishment, but using sachets that continually release mites over several weeks will improve results.
>> Best used early in crop/pest cycle to prevent whitefly and thrips buildup since it does not feed on adult stages.
>> Is active at 68°F/20°C, but performance increases at higher temperatures.

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