Eretline Card (Eretmocerus Erem) PFP020410-007 60x50 (3K)

SKU #: 2600027

Eretline biological control agent contains the hymenopterous parasitic wasp, Eretmocerus eremicus. It attacks whitefly by host feeding on younger larval stages and parasitizing the second larval stage of greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, and silverleaf/sweetpotato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci.

Key Features
>> Performs well in warmer climates and in fluctuating temperatures and is likely to last all season long.
>> Available in innovative blister packs for improved emergence and establishment.
>> Excellent host-finding behavior.
Main uses
>> Greenhouse whitefly
>> Sweet potato whitefly

How It Works
>> Eretmocerus eremicus females search for second instar larvae of Bemisia or Trialeurodes. Upon finding a suitable host, they lay an egg between the host and leaf surface. The resulting larva parasitizes the whitefly host larva.
>> Host feeds and controls large numbers of whitefly larva.
>> Prefers warm temperatures. Optimum temperature range is 25-29°C / 77-84°F.
>> Eretline should be used wherever Bemisia is present. Since it can also be used to control greenhouse whitefly, it is useful in mixed populations.

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