HYPOcontrol M (70092-2) 25,000 Bottle - 1L

SKU #: 2600144

Hypoaspis is a beneficial mite that feeds on fly larvae. Hypoaspis are applied without water at casing and will persist to the end of the cycle, giving long-lasting fly control.

HYPOcontrol M contains eggs, nymphs, and adults of the predatory mite Stratiolaelaps scimitus (formerly known as Hypoaspis miles). Stratiolaelaps is a soil-dwelling predatory mite found nearly everywhere. Particularly in environments rich with food sources like Sciara larvae, it can proliferate rapidly. This soil predatory mite contributes to controlling sciarid fly larvae, pupating thrips larvae, and eggs of the moth Duponchelia fovealis.

It serves as a important component of integrated pest management in both vegetable and ornamental cultivation. Due to the diverse range of soil organisms in its diet, Hypoaspis predatory mites can adapt to survive in almost any crop. Additionally, alongside Stratiolaelaps scimitus, the predatory beetle Atheta coriaria can be employed to combat shore fly (Scatella) infestations. In extreme cases, Stratiolaelaps scimitus can survive without food for up to 7 weeks.


  • ✅ Diverse life stages ensure robust and swift development.
  • ✅ Easy scalability.
  • ✅ Formulation derived from natural sources.
  • ✅ Targets multiple soil layers for effective control.
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