APHIcontrol (70028-3) 1,000 - (100 ml)

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Aphidius colemani is a parasitic wasp from family Braconidae. It parasitizes the aphids in the crop. Once the wasp finds the host, it lays its eggs inside the aphid. The adult of A. colemani parasitizes about 300 aphids.

APHIcontrol contains mummies of the parasitic wasp Aphidius colemani. Adult parasitic wasps emerge from these mummies and parasitize aphids by laying eggs inside them. Aphidius colemani possesses exceptional searching abilities. These parasitic wasps rely on aphids to complete their life cycle.

Aphidius colemani primarily targets smaller aphid species such as Aphis gossypii (cotton aphid), Myzus persicae (peach aphid), and Myzus nocotianae (tobacco aphid). The parasitic wasps locate aphids in the crop even before they are visible, making them highly suitable for preventive use. Aphids can infest almost any crop and are defenseless against these parasitic wasps. One consideration with parasitic wasps is that empty mummies remain on the crop. In some crops, this may affect ornamental value, but it does not have an impact on vegetable crops. Regular use of parasitic wasps in the greenhouse is advisable.


  • ✅ Fast results
  • ✅ Good searchability
  • ✅ Preventive use
  • ✅ High oviposition of 80-100 eggs per day.
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