Trichotop MAX G1 Multiwaves - PFP020602-023 - 100 cap

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Trichogramma are minute (< 1 mm) parasitic wasps. The female lays its eggs in the eggs of the pests, destroying them and preventing the emergence of caterpillars. Although Tricholine TA was first discovered as a product for controlling Tuta absoluta on Tomatoes, it’s now known to control a broad range of lepidopteran pests including Duponchelia spp., Chrysodeixis spp. and Heliothis spp. It can also be used in a wide range of crops including tomato, bell peppers, aubergines, ornamentals, tobacco and even bananas.

Key Features
>> Maximum efficiency in preventing damage: pests do not emerge from parasitised eggs
>> Improved production yield.
>> Labour-saving in tomatoes: no need for manual sorting of the vines.
>> Convenient: patented distributors made of biodegradable card to be hung from the plants.
>> Bespoke & flexible doses: doses suited to all surface areas from 2500 m2.
>> 100% natural with 0 residues.
>> Provides tool for resistance management.
>> Easy to adopt in IPM strategy.
>> High quality product based on more than 25 years of expertise.
Main uses
>> Tuta absoluta
>> Duponchelia spp.
>> Chrysodeixis spp.
>> Heliothis spp.

How It Works
>> The larvae of the Trichogramma will hatch inside the eggs of the pest and consume the egg before it can develop into the caterpillar which causes crop damage. Meanwhile, adult Trichogramma will also kill host eggs by feeding on them; the host egg is stung and the female feeds on drops of liquid appearing at the site of the sting. The host egg dies leaving no evidence of parasitism. 

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