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Boost your growth with the efficient nanobubble technology

Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in your irrigation system with nanonbubbles created by the units of Moleaer.

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What is Moleaer?

Moleaer's Nanobubble generators efficiently raise and stabilize dissolved oxygen levels in reservoirs and pouring water, resulting in water of superior quality and higher oxygen levels delivered to the root environment, boosting your growth.

This is all done with independently proven energy efficiency and lower marginal costs than traditional techniques. 


Benefits of Moleaer

 Lower marginal costs

 Displacement of anaerobic organisms

 Increasing and stabilising basin or irrigation water


Independently proven efficiency

Nanobubbles are extremely small gas bubbles that ensure superior oxygen enrichment in water. The dissolved oxygen content quickly rises to supersaturation and remains stable at high values, regardless of the water depth. The Nanobubble generator is also eminently suitable to buy for aquaculture.

More benefits of nanobubbles on root development

 Less chance of root suffocation

 Neutral buoyancy; very long residence time in water

 Developing more hairroots, resulting in healthier crops




Moleaers products can be implemented in the following applications: Water reservoir aeration, Drip irrigation, and DFT / NFT (Hydroponic), but not in Sprinkler irrigation.


The Moleaer product range

Molear Neo


The Neo is tailor-made for commercial greenhouses. The Neo efficiently saturates irrigation water with oxygen-enriched nanobubbles, thereby unlocking the full genetic potential of the plants.

The Neo is available with dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring function.

Molear Clear


Moleaers Clear nanobubble generator is a completely natural, chemical-free method for saturating water reservoirs of any size with dissolved oxygen (DO).

By maintaining the DO levels in the water column and penetrating through the fertilizer layer, the recycling rate of nutrients in the water from the sediment is reduced.

Moleaer XTB


The patented Moleaer XTB nanobubble generator is the most effective technology to unlock the full potential of oxygen for water treatment.

The XTB produces more than 1 billion nanobublles per ml of water, transferring gas with an efficiency of more than 85%.


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How do Moleaer's Nanobubble Units work?


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