The affordable CleanGate as money-saving solution

Ensure bacteria and virus prevention without spending excessively 


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Protection provided by the CleanGate 

Worried about the unseen risks posed by bacteria, fungi, and viruses infiltrating your greenhouse via the hands and footwear of your staff and guests? These pathogens can significantly affect your crop, leading to a decline in quality and sometimes even revenue loss. Recognizing the significance of upholding impeccable hygiene in greenhouse operations, Royal Brinkman introduced the CleanGate. This innovative and affordable disinfection station is tailored to address this issue head-on. 

  Delivers complete protection 
  Simple maintenance and cleaning 
  Sanitizes hands and footwear within 10 seconds 
  Budget-friendly option compared to costly hygiene stations 
  Can be utilized from either the left or right side for added convenience 


Crafted to prevent the buildup of dirt 

Watch the CleanGate in action 

The advanced CleanGate sanitizes both hands and shoe soles simultaneously. Featuring a perfectly symmetrical design, it offers versatility in placement, allowing for positioning on the left, right, or back-to-back. This unique feature enables disinfection from multiple directions 




"The CleanGate is a compact model"

Rob Beerling, product specialist
In collaboration with HortiHygienz, Royal Brinkman has developed the CleanGate to combat the transmission of bacteria, fungi, and viruses via the hands and footwear of staff and guests. Watch this video as product specialist Rob Beerling discusses the benefits of the CleanGate. 


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