Surround WP - 12.5 kg

SKU #: 5000193

Discover the power of Surround WP, an effective crop protectant for greenhouses. Created from the highest-quality Surround WP forms an important product to protect your crops against a variety of pests.

Technical Info

Enhance your crop defence with Surround WP

Surround WP is a natural mineral and can be effectively used to combat insect pests and diseases, while also protecting against sunburn and heat stress. Using Surround WP produces a protective film on your crops, creating an unfavorable environment for insects and mites. The product can be used in various crops for horticultural practices including tomato plants, cucumber, pear and apple trees and more. However, while Surround WP is beneficial in greenhouses, we recommend adopting a comprehensive approach. Although it reduces certain pests, it's important not to rely solely on it for complete control.


Dosage of Surroud WP

In the controlled environment of horticultural greenhouses, achieving optimal results with Surround WP involves precise dosage. The dosage of Surround WP varies based on factors such as crop type, growth stage, and the specific pest pressures you're addressing. Consult our expert recommendations or refer to the product label for detailed guidelines tailored to your greenhouse setup. Remember, accurate application ensures an effective protective barrier while minimizing any potential risks.


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