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Technical Info

Quad pollination hives (containing four bumblebee colonies) are especially developed for open-field crops. Quad is weather-proof, and the excellent insulation and ventilation allow the bees to perform even better.

Each colony has a Beehome door, which keeps the bumblebees inside the hive upon their return until the door is reopened. After closing the hive with this door, necessary crop protection measures can be applied or the hive can be moved to a new location for the pollination of a different crop. Bumblebee Quads may be placed up to 5 days prior to bloom, depending on crop. Hive development will continue and will last conservatively up to 8 weeks depending on crop management. Bumblebee Quads naturally expire at the end of the season. Please contact your local representative for further information.

How does Quad work?
After their release, female, “worker” bumblebees will start gathering resources (pollen and nectar) for the next batch of offspring and other worker bees. The colony will grow progressively larger over the coming weeks. A hive can reach maturity containing up to ~300-400 workers.

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