Acramite 50WS - 454 g

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Technical Info

Acramite 50WS is a selective miticide for the control of a variety of mite pests on apples; grapes; fruiting vegetable Crop Group 8-09, cucurbits Crop Group 9; hops; stone fruit Crop Group 12; Crop Subgroup 13-07A: blackberry, loganberry, raspberry, wild raspberry; and tree nuts Crop Group 14, including almonds, beechnuts, butternuts, chestnuts, chinquapins, filberts (hazelnuts), hickory nuts, pecans and walnuts, and for seed production only on grass Crop Group 17 and non-grass Crop Group 18.

When used as directed and applied to the foliage, Acramite 50 WS Miticide provides quick knockdown through contact activity. Acramite 50WS Miticide is not systemic in action; therefore complete coverage of both upper and lower leaf surfaces and of fruit is necessary for effective control.


  • ✅ Selective miticide for control of two-spotted spider mite, McDaniel spider mite, and European red mite in apples.
  • ✅ Controls two-spotted spider mite and European red mite in grapes.
  •  Controls two-spotted spider mite, European red mite and Pacific mite in stone fruit.
  • ✅ Provides quick knock down of pest mites.
  •  Easy on beneficial insects and predatory mites,
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