Valtera EZ - 4.8 L

SKU #: 5000673

Technical Info

Valtera EZ is a pre-emergent soil-active herbicide designed for early-season residual weed control in pulses, wheat, and soybeans, now available in a convenient liquid formulation. Its early-season control aids in alleviating broadleaf weed pressure in pulses, wheat, and soybeans.

Extended soil activity can manage multiple flushes for up to 8 weeks after application. Resistance management tool that helps manage weeds on the product label like kochia that are resistant to group 2- and 4- herbicides along with glyphosate.


  • ✅ Early season control eliminates broadleaf weed pressure early on in wheat and soybeans.
  • ✅ Extended residual control of up to 8 weeks effectively manages tough weeds.
  • ✅ The resistance management tool aids in the management of glyphosate-resistant weeds.
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