Sencor 75DF- 2.5 kg

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Technical Info

Sencor 75DF is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is registered for controlling broadleaf weeds in various crops, including chickpeas, field peas, lentils, and potatoes. Due to its Group 5 mode of action, Sencor can manage and prevent Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds, such as hemp-nettle, chickweed, and wild mustard.

A weed management program that uses both Edge and Sencor can help control weeds like kochia and their Group 2- and 9-resistant biotypes. Sencor provides control for all herbicide-tolerant volunteer canola. Its convenient packaging eliminates the need for triple rinsing or returning jugs. Sencor is a superior alternative to Group 2 products, which are heavily used in pulses, and helps prevent Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds in a heavy pulse rotation.


  • ✅ Registered on: Asparagus, barley, blueberries, carrots, chickpeas, field peas, lentils, narrow-leafed lupin, potatoes, soybeans, sweet white lupins, tomatoes, wheat (durum, spring, winter).
  • ✅ Controls: Ball mustard, chickweed, corn spurry, green smartweed, hemp-nettle, lady's-thumb, lamb's-quarters, stinkweed, tartary buckwheat, volunteer canola, wild mustard.

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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