Katana 25WG - 404 gr

SKU #: 5000666

Technical Info

KATANA™ HERBICIDE Katana™ Herbicide is a systemic, residual herbicide. The mode of action inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS), which results in the cessation of amino acid synthesis, cell division and ultimately plant growth. The active ingredient, Flazasulfuron will control both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds. Once applied, established target vegetation quickly stops growth. Visible symptoms such as leaf discoloration and necrosis will follow. Katana™ controls many annual and perennial weeds and grasses including clovers, chickweed, dandelion, foxtail, sowthistles, crabgrass, and many more.

Low toxicity
Katana™ is a non-irritant to the skin or eyes and is a non-skin sensitizer. There are no exposure limitations to mixing field staff, co-workers or bystanders. 

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