Actara 240SC - 2.04 L

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Technical Info

Actara 240SC Insecticide controls listed sucking and chewing insects through contact and ingestion. For crops labeled for foliar applications,Actara 240SC Insecticide should be applied when insect pest populations begin to build, but before pest populations reach economically damaging levels. Economic thresholds for pests controlled by Actara 240SC Insecticide may be available from your local agricultural authorities. Actara 240SC Insecticide is taken up into foliage after application. However, thorough spray coverage is essential for best performance. Apply Actara 240SC Insecticide in sufficient water to ensure good coverage. See specific application information in the Use Directions section of this label. The use of higher water volumes will generally result in better coverage,especially under adverse conditions (e.g. hot, dry weather) or where a dense plant canop yexists.

Actara 240SC Insecticide is rainfast once the spray solution has dried on treated plants. Actara 240SC Insecticide can be applied as an in-furrow spray during planting, which allows the insecticide to be absorbed by plant roots. Although Actara 240SC Insecticide is rapidly taken up by plant roots and rapidly moves throughout the plant, the use of sufficient water volume will ensure optimal uptake and performance.


  • ✅ Protects your potato crop from insect pests at the beginning of the season.
  • ✅ Once inside the plant, Actara metabolizes slowly to provide long-lasting protection throughout the growing season.
  • ✅ Actara 240SC is rainfast once the spray solution has dried on treated plants.

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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