Rimon 10 EC - 10 L*

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Technical Info

Rimon 10 EC is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that must be absorbed by eggs or ingested by insect larvae to be fully effective. Rimon 10 EC is an insecticide for control of listed foliar insect pests on apple and potato. The primary mode of action is by disrupting cuticle formation and deposition occurring when insects change from one developmental stage to another resulting in death at molting. Due to this mode of action, Rimon 10 EC has no effect on adult stages of insects that have completed all the successive molts through larval or nymphal stages of development.

Proper application techniques help ensure thorough spray coverage and correct dosage necessary to obtain optimum control. Higher water volumes and increased spray pressure generally provide better coverage. Apply at the listed rates when insect populations reach locally determined economic thresholds. Consult local extension agents, professional consultants or other qualified authorities to determine appropriate threshold levels for treatment in your area. Follow-up treatments of Rimon 10 EC should be applied at 10-14 day intervals to keep pest populations within threshold limits, if monitoring indicates this is required.


  • ✅ Insect growth regulator.
  • ✅ For control of listed foliar insect pests on apple and potato.

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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