Compass 50WG - 454 g

SKU #: 5000248

Technical Info

Compass 50WG Fungicide is a fungicide with primarily preventative activity for use on turfgrass and ornamentals. Compass 50WG Fungicide penetrates the plant and provides translaminar activity via a high affinity for the waxy layer of the plant surface, localized vapor movement and re-deposition on the plant.

Compass 50WG is for control of certain foliar, stem, and root diseases of turfgrass and ornamentals.


  • ✅ Registered for use on turf sites including golf courses, institutional, commercial and residential lawns, sod farms, sports fields, parks, municipal grounds and cemeteries. Also for use on greenhouse ornamentals and ornamentals grown in field nursery plantings, residential and commercial landscapes.
  • ✅ For the management of: Brown patch, Leaf spot, Basal rot anthracnose, Folia anthracnose, Microdochium (Fusarium) patch, Snow moulds (Pink and grey).

For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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