Nematode SC - 50 million

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Biological control of Leather Jackets, Mole Crickets and Black Cutworms.

Technical Info

Nemastar contains infective juveniles of the insect pathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae for biological control of leather jackets, mole crickets and black cutworms in turf and vegetables. 

Application conditions: nemastar is most infective at soil temperatures from 15 to 30°C. It is very susceptible to UV-light and to desiccation and should therefore be applied in the evening or with cloudy weather. The soil surface should be moist at the time of application. 

Mole crickets: Apply nemastar from April to August, as soon as soil temperatures are above 12°C. Nemastar is very efficient against adult mole crickets, but less efficient against young larvae. Therefore, the treatment shall be repeated in the following year. 

Cutworms: Apply from June to August as soon as first larvae are detected. The first cutworms die 4 days after application.

Application directions and rates: Nemastar can be easily applied with a watering can or conventional spraying equipment. Apply nematodes with at least 1,200 litre water per ha. 500 million nematodes should be used for 1,000 m². Irrigate with 1-2 litres of water after application to wash the nematodes off the leaves and to move the product below the soil surface. For optimum results, maintain the soil moist for 3-4 weeks after application.

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