ProGro Green - Q503- 25 kg

SKU #: 1500019

ProGro Green is an organic, plant-based mushroom supplement for professional mushroom growers.


  • >>ProCert-certified organic mushroom supplement.
  • >>Contains our proprietary organic microboost components for enhanced mushroom yield.
  • >>Provides equivalent protein content relative to other available organic mushroom supplements.
  • >>Contains organic plant-based protein sources that provide consistent release of nutrients over entire crop cycle.
  • >>Can be used at spawning or supplemented at casing on 2 or 3 break farms.
  • >>Low-dust, granulated formula ensures better worker safety, easier application and even distribution in compost to minimize risk of over-heating.
  • >>Does NOT contain formaldehyde; eliminates risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • >>GMO-free


Directions for use: Mix ProGro Green into mushroom substrate at spawning or casing. Use at rate of 3-5% dwt. 

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