Menno Clean 200 L drum*

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Menno Clean is a powerful cleaning product especially developed for the horticultural industry. It does not consist any constituents of quaternary ammonium compounds.

Technical Info






Because of its plant friendliness and quick functions it is possible to clean knives and scissors regularly during harvesting. Furthermore, it is a versatile product that can be used to clean greenhouse stand ups, growing tables, containers, carts, jars, machinery, etc. Menno Clean is also used for foot cleaning in hygiene stations and in Flexxolution mats for feet ánd transport wheels. Regularly use would not affect materials in the form of corrosion.

To ensure a good cleaning, not one advice is similar. In practice a dosage of 2 – 4% solution is used. Depending on relative contact time, etc.. Functioning of the product is easily measurable using the pH value of the solution (effective at pH 3.0 to 4.5). This can be measured easily by using pH-indicator paper or a pH-meter. In case of a too high pH, extra product can be added to keep an active cleaning solution.

Benefits of Menno Clean

 Stable solution
 Long effectiveness
 Measurable effectiveness
 Harmless for materials
 Neutral odour
 Environment friendly
 Long shelf life


Product specifications
Formulation: soluble concentrate
Operation mode: contact
Application type: (foam)spraying, casting, dipping and brushing


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