Huwa-San DW TR-50 25 kg*

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Huwa-San TR-50 is a unique and stabilized hydrogen peroxide that stands out for its superior stability and efficient operation.

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Huwa-San TR-50
Huwa-San is the product for powerful cleaning of your drip hoses, silos, and other parts of the water system. Thanks to it's unique stabilizer, Huwa-San retains its power throughout the entire water system. It doesn't contain any harmful substances and is odourless, colourless and non-corrosive with the correct dosage. Huwa-San has proven itself in removing biofilm and preventing blockages in the water system. We recommend peroxide testing by using Huwa-San.

Benefits of Huwa-San

 Powerful stabilizer throughout the water system
 Prevents the spread of germs

 No harmful substances


Algae prevention

 Odourless and colourless



Please note that biofilm and other contaminants may be released into the system when using hydrogen peroxide based products. Therefore, check the system very regularly for soiling and drainage on time! Make sure you check the system before starting dosing and continue to do so consistently, starting daily.

Storage Huwa-San
Huwa-San should be stored in a cool place.

Packaging Huwa-San
Huwa-San is available in 25 kg jugs, 240 kg drums, and 1100 kg IBCs.



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