Menno disinfection foam gun

SKU #: 5000720

Foam gun for the application of Menno Clean foam, the algae killer Menno for forte and the more powerful cleaner Menno Hortisept Clean Plus.

This foam gun is easy to mount at the end of the hose instead of the standard spray gun. Work pressure: +/- 25 bar.

Did you know that a foam treatment with a foam gun:
>>Greatly extends the contact time between the product and the agent
>>Makes the treatment excellent visually controllable
>>Creates much less mist, thus a better working environment
>>Also perfectly treats vertical surfaces

Use and application
The RB disinfectant foam gun Menno is ideal in combination with a spraying trolley to quickly disinfect the greenhouse. The foam gun is standard with a 1/2 "outer tread lining. 

For the best quality foam it is necessary that a number of requirements are met. The first step is to check and clean the tank if necessary. There should be no residual liquid from other products in the tank, as these can have an effect on the pH value. The water quality also influences the foam. Use rainwater or osmosis water. If this is not available, and other water (for example tap water) is used,  check the pH value beforehand. This value should be ±pH 6, this can be achieved by acidifying (e.g. tap water) to a slightly more neutral pH. This saves on your product consumption. The lower the EC (salt content) the better the foam. For the foam gun, a pump pressure of 30-45 bar is recommended. No foaming agent needs to be added. The products Menno Ter Forte , Hortiseptclean PLUS, Fadex H+ and Menno Clean are by itself foaming at a sufficiently concentration. For Mennno Clean, the activity is guaranteed at a pH of 3.5 - 4. If the pH is increased by contamination, you can easily add extra Menno Clean until a new pH value of 3.5-4 is reached. The expansion of the foam is 1:3.

Other specifications

  • Use the right personal protective equipment when using the foam gun in combination with the disinfectant or cleaner.
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