Floramite SC Miticide - 946 ml

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Floramite is an ideal solution for spider mite control in Canada and to protect your crops. Control of two-spotted spider mites in greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplant.

Technical Info

When it pertains to the protection of your valuable crops against the persistent infestation of spider mites, you can confidently rely on Floramite, offered by Royal Brinkman Canada. Floramite is an effective solution for spider mite control and to protect your crops. Floromite SC also controls two-spotted spider and Lewis mites in greenhouse ornamentals. Highly selective Floromite SC is easy on predatory mites and other beneficial insects.


Spider mite control with Floramite

Some of the advantages and key features of Floramite in order to control spider mite, are:

Rapid spider mite control. Floramite is specifically developed to deliver swift and highly efficient control over spider mites, ensuring protection for your plants from the very outset.

Effective solution. Trusted by professional growers in Canada, Floramite has consistently delivered effective results, thereby ensuring that your crops can realize their full growth potential.

Easy application. Floramite application is very user-friendly and can be seamlessly incorporated into your prevailing pest management program. 

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