ProGro 12-0-0 25 kg

SKU #: 3000255

ProGro 12-0-0 is a 90% slow-release organic fertilizer that ensures slow, even growth.

ProGro 12-0-0 provides a balance of N-P-K, calcium, sulfur and essential natural amino acids. The nitrogen will slowly release over 8–12 weeks, providing complete and predictable nutrient release without leaching. One of the highest organic nitrogen formulations in a Pro-Cert listed product.

Features & Benefits

ProGro 12-0-0 is Pro‑Cert certified validating its use in the production of organic certified crops.
An excellent source of organic Nitrogen (N)
 Provides Nitrogen (N) over a long period of time 
 Helps adjust C:N ratio in soils.
 Will not burn young plantsor roots.
 Low salt index.
 Adds organic matter and increases soil microbes which improves rooting and stress tolerance.
Will not result in excess phosphorus levels in soil over time.
 Reduces the need for frequent applications = more efficient fertility.
 Better oxygen and moisture penetration of soil through improved soil structure.




For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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