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Greenhouse fertilizers for growing vegetables

Fertilizers play a vital role for your crop. Not only are fertilizers essential for growth, but they also contribute to fast absorption and improved metabolism. The incorporation of chelates and biostimulants not only provides essential nutritional elements but also promotes soil health, leading to robust and resilient crops. 


Optimizing growth with fertilizers 

Using the right fertilizers for vegetables are key for optimal growth and maximum yield. Depending on the vegetable crop you are growing, fertility rates and ratios can vary. Selecting the right fertilizer for the crop and substrate you are using is an important factor. To help you grow vegetables successfully, Royal Brinkman Canada offers a wide range of different types of fertilizer for vegetable crops. 


Advantages of horticulture fertilizers 

✔️ Rich in nutrients: Packed with essential elements vital for plant health. 
✔️ Fast absorption: Facilitates quick nutrient uptake by plants. 
✔️ Improved metabolism: Enhances metabolic processes crucial for growth. 
✔️ Ideal for large productions: Benefits extensive crop yields. 


Types of fertilizers  

Our assortment includes water-soluble fertilizers, straight fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, and custom blend fertilizers. Key nutrients frequently utilized in these fertilizers include: 
> Nitrate (N): regard the most important nutrient in a fertility program. Commonly used nitrate sources include ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate or potassium nitrate. 
> Phosphorus (P): plants requires phosphorus in relatively substantial quantities. Typically, phosphorus is supplied to plants by adding phosphorus acid or superphosphate. 
> ​Potassium (K): the plant uses this nutrient in various ways. Potassium nitrate is the most prevalent source of potassium in crop fertility programs. 

In addition to primary nutrients, secondary and micronutrients play a vital role in greenhouse crops. These include calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo), and chloride (Cl). Choosing the right combination of greenhouse-grade fertilizers ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to nourishing vegetable crops for optimal growth and yield. 


Storing fertilizers  

Fertilizers must be stored in a proper storage area as certain fertilizers contain dangerous substances. Proper storage of these dangerous substances is therefore an important matter. Unsafe storage and handling of these substances may lead to health problems, personal injury or even explosion hazards. 


Buying fertilizers 

At Royal Brinkman Canada you will find a wide range of vegetable fertilizers for professional horticulture. We deliver high quality greenhouse fertilizers across Canada. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the right fertilizer program for your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or other vegetable crops. 

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