Diplomat 5SC - 5 L

SKU #: 5000617

Diplomat is a polyoxin D zinc salt biofungicide that controls diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops. 

Technical Info

The active ingredient, polyoxin D zinc salt, is derived from the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil borne microorganism. When used as directed, it has no negative impact on wildlife or the environment, and is compatible with Biological programs.

Diplomat has a unique mode of action that offers broad spectrum protection and is the only group 19 fungicide available in Canada for food use and for greenhouse ornamentals, making it a valuable resistance management tool. 

  • Ideal rotation partner to aid in resistance management
  • Unique mode of action - Group 19 (Inhibits the synthesis of chitin in fungal cell walls)
  • Easy and safe to apply, Pre-harvest interval (PHI) = 0 days
  • No negative impact on beneficial insects, pollinators, wildlife or the environment when used as directed



For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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