Timorex Gold Fungicide - 5 L*

SKU #: 5000412

TIMOREX GOLD has proven curative and preventative efficacy against a broad spectrum of diseases in a wide range of crops. Its components provide multiple mechanisms to fight fungal diseases; offering effective and sustainable control. OMRI listed.

Technical Info

TIMOREX GOLD provides both organic and conventional growers with more targeted and effective pest management options. 

Benefits of Timorex

  •   Non-residue bio-fungicide based on extract of Melaleuca alternifolia
  •   Unique FRAC – Group 46 cell membrane disrupter
  •   Multiple modes of action – works as a multi site
  •   Contact and vapour activity; fast penetration into Mesophyl (Mesostemic)
  •   May be applied throughout the season without inducing resistance
  •   Fully compatible in tank mix and IPM programs
  •   Nontoxic to crops, users & environment; Safe for most beneficial insects and bees 


For labelled crops, specific application rates, directions, mixing instructions and precautions, read the product label.

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