Brinkman Grafting stick white 100x2,3mm (39,000/cs)

SKU #: 9000633

Used for grafting clips with a stick slot. Easy to order from our website, directly through Royal Brinkman. The Royal Brinkman ent clip stick gives you a further advantage regarding the hygiene.
The sticks are solid, so no water can get in it with all the consequences, so it's less likely to get fungi and bacteria. Additional benefit to countries where other materials (bamboo) can't be imported .
The sticks also don't need to be treated with an antifungal product which in turn is better for the environment.

  • Quality control by our own staff 
  • Available in three lengths 
  • Large stock

Why is this a sustainable choice?
All our grafting clips are made of mono material and therefore 100% recyclable. After cultivation, collect your grafting clips and recycle them with the remaining plastic waste from your greenhouse.

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