Brinkman grafting clip PT9 2,0 mm (31,000) Purple

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Brinkman grafting clip PT9

The PT9 is a soft and flexible grafting clip with extra grip for tomato, sweet bell pepper and eggplant can be used in all climate conditions. Available in many sizes and 100% recyclable.

Available sizes:

  • Brinkman grafting clip PT9 1.2 (75000)
  • Brinkman grafting clip PT9 1.5 (42000)
  • Brinkman grafting clip PT9 1.8 (41000)
  • Brinkman grafting clip PT9 2.0 (31000)
  • Brinkman grafting clip PT9 2.3 (24000)

Because of the extra applied ribs on the wings, there is much more grip than with standard grafting clips.
Brinkman has developed a complete line of grafting clips for all horticultural crops. The growth conditions of the seedlings is highly dependent on light conditions and temperature. In western European countries with winter planting the seedlings are generally softer and longer than those grown in southern countries (Mediterranean countries). Among these different countries other grafting clips are often desired.

Brinkman has several lines with grafting clips:
For tomato, sweet bell pepper and eggplant:

  • PT2: Standard clip for Mediterranean climate
  • PT3: Softer than the standard clip with oval hole
  • PT4: Clip for Mediterranean climate with stick support
  • PT5: Clip for Mediterranean climate with oval hole
  • PT7: Soft flexible clip for all climate conditions
  • PT8: Soft flexible clip with stick support and very good grip.
  • PT9: Soft flexible clip with extra grip for all climate conditions

The cucumbers and melons are grafted with different methods. Therefore we have developed clips for each of these methods. The most commonly used grafting methods are copents and approach grafts.
For cucumbers, melon and watermelon:

  • PS1: for the copent
  • PS2: for the approach graft
  • PS3: for approach graft, available in 3 sizes.
  • PS6: as PS3 but with stick support
  • PS7: For the copent grafting methode

The grafting clips can be supplied in different colors (red, green, yellow, blue and transparent) on request. This makes it easier to distinguish different varieties, batches or clip sizes.
The clips are available in many different sizes.
All our clips are made of material with a food safety certificate and are 100% recyclable. Our years of experience has given us very good results with these materials.
Grafting is still in full development and that's why Brinkman continuously develops grafting clips in close contact with plant growers from all over the world.
For more information please contact your Brinkman account manager or one of our product specialists.

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Why is this a sustainable choice?
All our grafting clips are made of mono material and therefore 100% recyclable. After cultivation, collect your grafting clips and recycle them with the remaining plastic waste from your greenhouse.

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