Brinkman grafting clip PT9 1,6mm (38,000/cs)

SKU #: 9000617

Grafting Clip PT9 is a soft, flexible and strong clip designed for tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. 

Tomato Grafting Clip PT9

The PT9, a soft and flexible grafting clip designed for tomatoes, sweet peppers, and aubergines, stands out for its exceptional grip in all climatic conditions. The innovative design incorporates extra ridges on the legs, providing significantly more traction than standard grafting clips. This feature not only streamlines the grafting process but also enhances efficiency for growers. 


Grafting clips for tomatoes

Tomato grafting clips are essential tools designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of tomato grafting processes. Engineered for a secure and stable connection between rootstock and scion, these clips contribute to higher success rates and overall crop health. With adaptable designs and eco-friendly materials, tomato grafting clips offer a versatile and sustainable solution for modern growers aiming to optimize their cultivation practices. Embrace these clips to achieve improved efficiency, higher yields, and contribute to resource-conscious agriculture.


Grafting clips a sustainable choice?

The PT9 and all grafting clips from Royal Brinkman stand out as a sustainable choice, thanks to their mono-material composition, making them 100% recyclable. Post-cultivation, these grafting clips can be effortlessly collected and recycled alongside other plastic waste from your greenhouse. By choosing these environmentally conscious solutions, growers play a proactive role in shaping a greener future, showcasing a dedicated commitment to sustainable horticultural practices.


Buying tomato grafting clips: ask for expert advice

Are you looking for Brinkman grafting clips or do you need insight into optimizing your grafting process? Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with expert guidance. Contact us and you can expect a response within 24 hours on working days.

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