Valent Truss Support TC (22.000/cs)

SKU #: 9000616

Valent Truss Supports are easily attached around the stem of tomato trusses, with minimal risk of damage to the plant. The updated model has smooth rounded edges that doesn't pierce the fruit or plant.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Less plastic due to unique design and lower CO2 footprint
  •  Improved flexibility, fixed at 90 degrees
  •  Better design adapted to the tomato plant
  •  Softer and more flexible for the worker and plant, no damage to your or your employees hands
  •  BIO certification Industrial compost TUV worldwide for the Valent Bio Truss Support Clip.
  •  Rounded ends to minimise the risk of damage
  •  Valent brand under Royal Brinkman flag and patented concept



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