Valent Pepper twine 1/1500 yellow - 6kg

SKU #: 9000391

Pepper twine is used to bind the pepper plant in professional horticulture. Royal Brinkman Canada offers a strong yet flexible and UV-treated (for 12 months) pepper twine.

Pepper Twine 

Valent Pepper Twine 1/1500 Yellow 6kg is an improved twine designed not only for peppers but also for aubergines and melons. Notably, it boasts enhanced Plongation and is crafted from high-quality polypropylene and UV-treated for 12 months. The twisted structure of Valent Pepper imparts flexibility, softness, and strength, making it suitable for easy processing in rope machines. Available in 6 kg coils with a guaranteed length, this twine comes in 1 kg lengths of 1500 m in the colors white and yellow.


Using pepper twine in your greenhouse

A tip for using pepper twine is to acclimate the twine to the greenhouse temperature for optimal use. Peppers are secured to twine for support, and various clips can be employed to reinforce different plant parts, preventing damage. For inquiries about suitable clips for pepper cultivation, contact our specialists.


Advantages of pepper twine

Flexible and soft: Reduces damage to plants and facilitates easier use for workers.
UV-Treated: Lasts up to 12 months, specifically developed for greenhouse production.
Strong: Despite its flexibility and softness, the twine is made of robust material and is easily processed in twine machines.


Buying pepper twine: expert advice for growers

For those looking to buy pepper twine or seeking advice on high wire peppers, our specialists are ready to provide guidance. Contact us, and we'll respond within 24 hours on working days, ensuring you make informed decisions for your cultivation needs.

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