Valent Pepper twine 1/1500 white - 6 kg

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Valent pepper twine 1/1500 white 6 kg

Valent pepper twine is particularly suitable for growing peppers. With the Valent line, we offer the highest quality material to support vegetable cultivation. Besides growing peppers, the twine is also suitable for growing eggplants and melons. In addition, Valent Pepper twine is flexible and soft on plants to reduce damages and makes it easier to use for workers. On top of that, the twine is UV-treated and can last for twelve months. Due to the improved properties in the formulation of the yarn, it is better for knotting on the crop wire and at the stem of the plant. The twine is flexible, pliable and soft. Valent Pepper twine is a twisted twine which means that the yarn is twisted together. There is a significant reduction in stretch in the twine, which improves plant retention throughout the growing system. Each stem of the pepper plants are supported with twine to grow in the right way. Therefore, high quality twine is crucial to ensure high quality fruits and optimal yield.

Benefits of Valent Pepper Twine
>> Flexible
>> Supple
>> Softly
>> Tough

Extra information
1/1500 = 1 kg is about 1500 meter
Because the twine is flexible yet strong, the Valent Pepper twine can easily be processed in a twine machine. Valent twine is delivered in coils of 6 kg, the length of which is 100% guaranteed. The Valent twine is delivered in 1 kg on 1500 m length of twine. Which twine is most suitable for you depends on your cultivation.

Technical Specifications
UV stabilizer;                              7 - 12 %
Average breaking strength*       27 kg  
Material                                      PP
Minimum breaking strength*      24 kg  
Approx. spool weight                  6 kg
Number of times twisted            33 - 37  
Approx. spool length*                 9.000 mtr
* All values concern twine straight from the spool only

Valent pepper twine is also available in yellow . Different colors of twine are mainly used to indicate side shoots also called lateral branch.

Tip: Allow the twine to acclimate to the temperature of the greenhouse for optimal use.

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