Sulphur evaporator Nivola (red, Canadian Plug) 220V 3m

SKU #: 9000379

Nivola Sulphur Evaporator. A potent and proactive method for plant protection against the dreaded Mildew.
To effectively combat Mildew, it is crucial to have a sufficient amount of evaporated sulfur and ensure its even distribution.

The Nivola sulfur burner operates at an optimal and safe evaporation temperature, achieving maximum sulfur evaporation with minimal energy consumption. Simultaneously, a robust airstream ensures proper dispersal of the evaporated sulfur throughout the greenhouse.
For over 45 years, the Nivola sulfur burner has been specialized in crop protection against Mildew, serving clients worldwide.


  • ✅ The powerfull and preventive plant protection.
  • ✅ Sulphur evaporator Nivola is against the dreaded mildew.
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