POWER FOOD - PLUS 3.0 (77083-4) - 5L Bag

SKU #: 2600150

Power Food Plus 3.0 contains a special diet suitable for the predatory bug Orius and the predatory mites  Ambylseius swirskii, and Amblyseius andersoni.

Advantages of  Power Food Plus 3.0

  •  Better development of predatory mites and predatory bugs
  •  Unique composition and efficacy
  •  New mix of feeding mites with different ingredients


Instructions for using Power Food Plus 3.0

Keep the product cool until use. Spread the spreading material over the crop as well as possible.

Choice of feeding product

We offer two types of Power Food 3.0. Check below to see which type we recommend based on your needs.


Natural enemy →

Type of product ↓

  SWIRScontrol ANDERcontrol ORIcontrol  
Power Food 3.0   Yes Yes No  
Power Food Plus 3.0   Yes Yes Yes  


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