ORIcontrol (70007-11) 2,000 insidiosus - (250 ml)

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THRIPS control

Technical Info



Orius insidiosus is a predatory bug that targets adult and juvenile thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis, Thrips parvispinus), but will also consume other pests such as mites, other thrips species, and lepidoptera eggs. Adult Orius can fly and will track and eat prey. O.insidiosus eat approximately 80 thrips per day.

ORIcontrol performance is enhanced when Power Food 3.0 is used: a unique, proprietary diet suitable for Orius and other biologicals. By systematically feeding with Power Food 3.0, Orius are able to reproduce and establish quickly in the crop.


  • ✅ Orius adults and all 5 nymph stages will prey on thrips. Adults will also feed on mites, lep eggs and other pests.
  • ✅ Adult Orius can fly for easy dispersal throughout crop.
  • ✅ Orius can easily and effectively be established in the crop when supplementary fed POWERMITEcontrol special diet.
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