Amblyline Blister PFP020203-034 5x(400/blisters) = 2k

SKU #: 2600088

Amblyline biological control agent contains the predatory mite Amblyseius cucumeris. It is a predator of Western Flower thrips, Chili Thrips and several other thrips species.

Key Features
>> Targets a wide range of thrips species.
>> Long history of highly effective use against thrips larvae.
>> Disperses quickly throughout the crop.
>> Applicable for use in a wide range of crops.
>> Amblyseius mites can also feed on pollen which allows for effective, long term control.
>> Mites are not susceptible to diapause.

Main uses
>> Thrips (Western Flower Thrips, Chili Thrips)
>> Broad mite
>> Cyclamen mite

How It Works
>> The formulation is carefully designed to increase the number of predatory Amblyseius cucumeris mites that are released onto the crop each day.
>> Total Cucumeris mite development time at 24°C/75°F is 6-9 days. This development time complements the lifecycle of Western Flower Thrips.
>> Optimum temperature range for Cucumeris mites is 66-80°F with humidity between 65%-75%.
>> The beneficial mites feed on first larval stage (L1) and cannot attack larger larvae or adults.

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